Black Wraith: The Draylok Curse by J.T. Williams

Black Wraith: The Draylok Curse by J.T. Williams (The Rogue Elf #11)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

While the Demon Princes have awakened they are quiet… but a dark shadow emerges in the depths of the Wakened Mist
The Black Wraith once terrorized the people of Draylok. Rumors spread of this ancient evil and after a series of attacks near the city, Kealin finds himself framed to be the source of this malevolent entity.
Left with no choice but to clear his own name deep within the Wakened Mists, he sets out to do just that but he will not be alone. A mysterious dwarf from the Far west joins him, a dwarf unknown to even the highest circles of Draylok. The Rogue Elf will need any assistance he can get…

Their foe may be one or may be many. it is rumored to be a vampire. A powerful, destructive force.
Not too unlike Kealin in many ways…
But why has this enigmatic figure returned to haunt the old dwarven halls of Draylok and can it be stopped or is it something much, much deeper tied to the city itself?

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