Blood Red Ford by A L Fraine

Blood Red Ford by A L Fraine (Detective Loxley Nottinghamshire #5)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

A brutal murder, a town living in fear, and a terrifying truth.
When the body of a brutally murdered man is found floating in the River Idle, DI Loxley’s team is called into the Nottinghamshire Market Town of Retford to solve the case.
But as they trawl through the clues and leads, it soon becomes clear there’s more happening here than a simple murder.

When a local reporter approaches Rob with more information, he starts to peel back the mystery.
The victim knew too much and was about to talk before being viciously silenced.
But as more is revealed, Rob is left with more questions than answers as he races to stop more lives from being wasted.
Who is The Red Man and the secretive, ruthless organisation that he leads?
Could the rumours really be true? Could a modern urban myth be real?
Rob and his team must untangle the web of secrets and lies to end the slaughter and strike a blow for justice.

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