Bound by Blood by Lindsay Buroker

Bound by Blood by Lindsay Buroker (Tracking Trouble #2)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Magically compelled by bad guys, Arwen Forester shot her half-dragon ally in the thigh. She longs to make amends to him, but she’s busy with a new quest:
Get rid of the tattoo that lets dark elves control her.

Unfortunately, such magical marks aren’t easily removed. When the troll tattoo artist she visits is killed, she’s framed for murder.
Soon, hired guns are after her, and the troll’s clan is trying to get Val Thorvald, the Ruin Bringer, to hunt her down.
Arwen could use the help of a powerful half-dragon, but will Azerdash Starblade forgive her after her previous betrayal?

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