Health Problems by Elizabeth Barnes

Health Problems: Philosophical Puzzles about the Nature of Health by Elizabeth Barnes English | 2023 | Healthcare & Fitness | 6 MB Health is weird. Health is weird in a way that resists simple explanations or elegant theorizing. This book is a philosophical explanation of that weirdness, and an argument that grappling with the distinctive

Good Influence by Zac Perna

Good Influence: Get into your best shape, transform your mind and live your best life by Zac Perna English | 2023 | Healthcare & Fitness Find the motivation to live your best life and get into your best shape with social media influencer Zac Perna Consider this your personal (and hilarious) road map to becoming

The Fruit Cure by Jacqueline Alnes

The Fruit Cure: The Story of Extreme Wellness Turned Sour by Jacqueline Alnes English | 2023 | Healthcare & Fitness How one woman’s search to regain her health led her to the troubling outer fringes of the Queensland wellness industry. A university athlete, Jacqueline Alnes’s season was cut short by a series of inexplicable neurological