Change Your Space to Change Your Life by Julie Ann Segal

Change Your Space to Change Your Life: Elevate Your Energy with Feng Shui One Room at a Time by Julie Ann Segal
English | 2023 | Self Help | 3 MB

Tap into a Wealth of Energy and Abundance with Feng Shui

Create profoundly comforting spaces in your home or workplace that reflect your authentic self and support your goals. Through practical advice and real-life examples from more than thirty years of interior design experience, Julie Ann Segal teaches you how to reimagine your surroundings with loving intention. She combines spirituality, energy work, aesthetics, and personal connection, offering detailed guidance on room-by-room choices and big picture concepts, such as the interplay between your dreams and décor. Removing the mystery around Feng Shui, this book reveals new opportunities in life’s changes and helps you design a better future.

Includes a foreword by Feng Shui master Carole Hyder

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