Code Red by Ian Loome

Code Red by Ian Loome (A Rogue Warrior #1)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 437 KB

Bob has sworn he’ll never kill again. But some promises are hard to keep.

Bob Singleton used to be a top CIA assassin. Now, scarred by his terrible past, he lives in a refrigerator box behind a dumpster in downtown Chicago.

He just wants to be left alone. But his past is coming back to haunt him, in the shape of a nurse and a teenage boy who desperately need his help.
They are being pursued by trained killers because they stumbled on a long-buried conspiracy, a secret that is tied to a failed mission in Bob’s military past.
Now they need Bob to protect them. The old Bob, the one who fearlessly put his enemies in the ground.

Bob sees a chance to discover the truth about what happened all those years ago. Can he redeem himself, and honor the sacrifice of the men who died?
To do so, he must use the same deadly skills that made him a legend in his day. Skills he had sworn he would never use again….

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