Darkness On The Edge Of Town by Matthew Hattersley

Darkness On The Edge Of Town by Matthew Hattersley (The John Beckett Series #1)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 793 KB

They thought John Beckett would be an easy target. They thought wrong.

Deep undercover as a ruthless crime lord’s right-hand man, secret service officer John Beckett’s mission suddenly takes a deadly turn. When a mysterious data leak puts his life on the line, he must make a choice that will change his life forever.

On the run and with danger tailing him, Beckett races against time to save his niece, Amber, from vicious kidnappers. But with deadly threats closing in, he comes to the startling revelation he can trust no one… not even his closest allies.

The streets of London become a battlefield as Beckett struggles to stay one step ahead of his enemies and protect Amber – all the while confronting the dark truth about The Consortium, a shadowy organisation that will stop at nothing to maintain its grip on power.

Can Beckett save Amber and bring down those intent on destroying him? Or will he become the ultimate pawn in their deadly game? Only one thing is certain… danger lurks in every shadow and time is not on Beckett’s side.

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