Deadly Silence by Jay Darkmoore

Deadly Silence by Jay Darkmoore (Detective Laura Warburton #3)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Murder is easy, when you know how to get away with it.’
A Silent Killer.
A Hidden Truth.
A Detective on the Edge.
The relentless Laura Warburton is back, but her reputation remains tarnished after the harrowing events of the past. A chilling domestic murder rocks the city, with all signs pointing to the silent wife, Clara Weaver. But Laura suspects there’s more lurking behind her sealed lips. A sinister truth waiting to be unveiled.
As Laura delves deeper into the case, her instincts scream that Clara’s silence is hiding something, but in her quest to uncover the truth, she is met with fierce resistance.

Laura Warburton’s tenacity and unwavering pursuit of justice will lead her down a treacherous path, where chilling secrets are unveiled and shocking betrayals are exposed.
This gritty, dark crime thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat as Laura races against time to unmask the twisted reality that lies beneath the surface. Will she triumph against the forces determined to silence her? Or will she succumb to the shadows that threaten to consume her?

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