Death Toll by Russ Linton

Death Toll by Russ Linton (Fort Black Thrillers #4)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Former special agent Kade Black knows his adversaries well. He’s shadowed terrorists, spies, and mafia bosses.
But he’s never had to confront all three at once.
Kade’s latest clue has him watching a new dead drop serviced by the late GRU operative, Sergei. But this drop is inactive. No sign of use.
Another intelligence agency has arrived in Sergei’s wake. Far from a clandestine operation, agents of the PRC are moving around in the open. Forcing their way into small town politics and flirting with criminal enterprise. But to what end?

The answers will expose a very different gap along the banks of the Delaware River. An intelligence gap. One that puts global security at risk.
With the identity of a key conspirator in Sergei’s operation close at hand, Kade will need to root out the bad actors, dead or alive. For that, he’ll need the help of friends and foes alike.
But has this shadowy cabal already exacted their deadly toll?

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