Directions for Dark Things by Stephanie Sowden

Directions for Dark Things by Stephanie Sowden
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

‘There was a history in this house, secrets he hadn’t even got close to scratching the surface of…’
Something peculiar is going on at The Lloyd Estate.

The enormous house and its vast grounds are rarely seen by outsiders. Only Audrey Lloyd – the cantankerous elderly owner and only daughter to the famed movie mogul who built the mansion – knows of the suffocating darkness that has settled on the place.
Property developers have come to Audrey over the decades. Countless times they have been rebuffed. Now, she agrees to sell to ambitious broker Terri Nicholls. But Terri has to trade something of her own in return.

Detective Don Vernon is on the brink of retirement. Instead, he is about to be caught in a web of lies; one which Audrey has been spinning for decades.

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