Don’t Close Your Eyes by P S Cunliffe

Don’t Close Your Eyes by P S Cunliffe
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 416 KB

One missing person. Ten sleepless nights. Whatever happens, don’t close your eyes…
Catherine is frantic. It’s her husband Simon’s turn to take their son to nursery and he’s nowhere to be seen. He promised he’d be here. So, where is he? And why isn’t he taking her calls?

Her worst fears are soon realised when the police arrive at her door to tell her that Simon is missing, presumed dead. Refusing to accept that he’s gone, Catherine spends her days retracing his last steps, and her nights searching the streets in desperation.
She will not rest, she will not sleep, until she’s put her family back together.
The days merge into one, and things quickly unravel. Then comes another knock at the door. This time, a young woman. A stranger. Who tells Catherine she doesn’t know her husband at all. That their whole life is a lie.

Catherine needs to know the truth. She needs to find Simon more than ever.
The body can’t survive for more than 10 days without sleep. Will Catherine find her husband and uncover the truth, before it’s too late?

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