Dragon Crystals by Ava Richardson

Dragon Crystals by Ava Richardson (Rise of the Dragon Riders #5)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 900 KB

A girl and her dragon must conquer an ancient evil, before it’s too late…

Dragon rider Cora, her dragon Alaric, and their allies have shielded the dragon rider school from the vicious Blight… for now. But the deadly plague is still a threat, and if the sinister forces who control it find the Heart of Tenegard, there will be no stopping it.

Cora soon discovers that the Blight is even more dangerous than imagined, spawning deadly beasts that can’t be killed. As war looms on the horizon, time is running out to banish this supernatural evil.

Cora’s enemies have forged new alliances, and grow more dangerous by the day. Her best hope to defeat them is an arrogant dragon rider with secrets of his own. Trusting the wrong person has already led to one disaster. Doing it again could lead to utter catastrophe…

This could be her only chance to save Tenegard. But if she fails, everything Cora knows and loves will perish…

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