Enemy Within by G J Ogden

Enemy Within by G J Ogden (The Aternien Wars #2)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 545 KB

The Aternien invasion of the Union has begun, but Master Commander Carter Rose is still without a functional warship, or a full crew. He needs both if he’s to stand any chance of thwarting the god king’s plans.
Frustrated by his inability to act, Rose takes matters into his owns hands, and travels to the occupied planet of Terra 6 to find his Master Operator, a key member of his crew, now at grave risk.
But there is far more to the invasion that Rose has been led to believe. The Aterniens have a new bioweapon, and Terra 6 is their testing ground.

However, the thousands of Aternien Immortals laying siege to the planet aren’t Rose’s only problem. The Acolytes of Aternus are looking for him, led by Damien Morrow, a former Master Commander who turned his coat and joined the Aternien cause.
Can Rose find his crewman and stop the bioweapon before it’s too late? Once again, the fates of millions rests in his superhuman hands.

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