Engaged To A Serial Killer by Steena Holmes

Engaged To A Serial Killer by Steena Holmes
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Please note this is a revised version of THE PERFECT SECRET.
I’ve had it all and lost it all. But now I’m finally getting things together. My fiancé seems like the perfect guy. He gave me a job at his landscaping business. He’s on my side. And when he proposed, I couldn’t believe what he saw in someone like me.
But there are red flags.

He says we have to keep the engagement secret. And why does his ex-wife still wear the ring from their ruined marriage?
Now my mom calls me up. She says my fiancé’s on the TV news. In handcuffs. Three charges of first degree murder.
Did he really do what they’re saying he did? And will they come after me next? I’ve been in trouble before. And I’ll do anything to stay out of jail.

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