Fae Exile by Lucia Ashta

Fae Exile by Lucia Ashta (Royals of Embermere #3)
English | 2024 | Fantasy

Escape the trials, lose the crown—or rebel, risking everything to save the realm.
I’ve exposed the queen for the tyrant she is. Now it’s time to show the kingdom of Embermere who I am.
A rebellion has been gathering force against the queen. It needs only a spark to gain momentum. It needs me: the secret heir.
First, I must survive the Wilds—savage, brutal, and even more dangerous than the queen herself. No one enters its ancient, slithering forests unless they have no better choice.
Joined by dragon-shifter Xeno, dragonling Saffron, goblin Pru, and fellow fae-trial contenders, I’m not alone. But every shadow in the Wilds crawls with horrible, giant monsters. Out here, we’re no longer just trained warriors. We’re prey.

It’s more important than ever that I unearth the power that simmers in my veins so I can return to the palace and claim my royal birthright.
I once thought the drake Rush Vega was my ally. Even worse, I believed him to be my mate.
But then he committed the ultimate betrayal. He broke what can never be mended. Once the queen’s spy, forever my enemy.
Whatever it takes, whomever I must fight, I’ll end her wicked games and free her subjects.
The mirror world might not have been my home to start, but I’m not quitting until I save it.

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