False Name by Veronica Heley

False Name by Veronica Heley (Abbot Agency Mysteries #16)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 840 KB

Bea’s life is turned upside down when a man is left for dead outside her agency office in this gripping mystery.

Bea Abbot overhears three men plotting a murder outside her garage, only to discover the intended victim – a young man who appears to be a rough sleeper – has been left there to die in freezing weather. Somewhat reluctantly, she gives him sanctuary but finds him unwilling to disclose his name or talk about his ordeal.

Who is determined to kill the stranger, and why? As he begins to reveal his identity and the events that led to his being left for dead, Bea concludes that he’s the target of a conspiracy to murder. The man’s would-be killers aren’t ready to give up yet. Can Bea uncover the truth before they strike again?

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