Fifty Things to Do in the Snow by Richard Skrein

Fifty Things to Do in the Snow by Richard Skrein
English | 2023 | Hobbies & Home

The new guidebook for outdoor adventurers, to brave the cold and reconnect with nature

Icy inspiration for playing, exploring and surviving in the snow. Don’t be put off by the cold – get out there and be dazzled by the wonder of winter. With fifty projects for having fun and staying safe in the snow, you’ll never be short of ideas.

Fifty Things to Do in the Snow is a playful and informative winter survival kit. Camp craft and forest school expert Richard Skrein teaches you not only to observe and admire the beauty and wonder of snow, but also how to survive in it. His projects range from practical tips on building igloos, making sledges and winter camping, to reflective, mindful ideas for observation of snowflakes, spotting winter trees and pine cones, and forest bathing adapted for winter. Filled with accompanying illustrations from artist Maria Nilsson, this latest title in the Fifty Things series will help you make the most of nature’s bountiful gifts throughout the thrilling seasons of cold and dark.

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