Galaxy Cruise: The Complete Series by Marcus Alexander Hart

Galaxy Cruise: The Complete Series by Marcus Alexander Hart
English | 2023 | Science Fiction | 1 MB

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy meets The Love Boat in over 1,000 pages of feel-good sci-fi comedy adventure!
After a disastrous gig hosting karaoke at an extraterrestrial dive bar, all Leo McGavin wants to do is go home, where the people are… people. But when an unlikely twist of fate makes him the captain of the galaxy’s most luxurious cruise starship, this hapless human is off on a whole new space adventure. Whether he likes it or not!

In order to complete his mission, the bumbling captain must earn the respect of his alien crew. Unfortunately, his first mate is a militant cyborg itching for a mutiny, his doctor is a geriatric fish sociopath, his security officer is a slavering spider-beast, and his hospitality chief is a lovesick cat-girl mooning over a lesbian plant. And then there are the weird crewmates…

When a cosmic disaster hurls the cruise ship to the far side of the universe, Leo and his misfit crew form deep friendships as they work together to find a way home. But before they reach their final port, they’ll have to survive a royal wedding gone ballistic, incarceration by sexy space gods, and a good old-fashioned time-looping, multiverse-hopping galactic freakout!

This omnibus edition contains the complete text of:
Galaxy Cruise: The Maiden Voyage
Galaxy Cruise: Royally Screwed
Galaxy Cruise: Trial by Leisure
Galaxy Cruise: Many Happy Returns

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