Galaxy Unknown by M.R. Forbes

Galaxy Unknown by M.R. Forbes (Forgotten Galaxy #1)
English | 2023 | Science Fiction | 667 KB

Two hundred years ago, a fleet of colony ships fled a war-torn Earth ravaged by alien invaders. While most of them arrived in Alpha Centauri, the generation starship Pathfinder was never heard from again.

Until now…

Sent to the Trappist system to investigate a distress signal believed to be from Pathfinder, Centurion Space Marine Caleb Card and his team are eager to come to the vessel’s aid. Ambushed immediately upon arrival, he fears the ship and all forty-thousand souls on board are already lost.

Except the source of the distress signal isn’t only close, it’s on the move, and where it leads will turn everything Caleb thought he knew about the galaxy on its head. With the enemy closing in, there’s only one way to discover the fate of the missing starship and its passengers. There’s only one way to survive…

Becoming lost himself.

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