Girl Among Crows by Brendon Vayo

Girl Among Crows by Brendon Vayo
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

A woman investigates the disappearances of children in her small town with eerie similarities to her brother’s vanishing thirty years ago, but connecting the past with the present could bring to light her family’s dark secrets—and the town’s monstrous history.

Beware the Brotherhood of the Raven

When two boys vanish from her hometown, Daphne Gauge notices uncanny parallels to her brother’s disappearance 30 years earlier. Symbols of an ancient Norse god. Rumors of a promise to reward the town’s faithful with wealth and power, for a price. She warns her husband that another sacrifice is imminent, but just like last time, no one believes her.

This leaves her with a desperate choice: investigate with limited resources, or give in to the FBI’s request for an interview. For years, they’ve wanted a member of the Gauge family to go on record about the tragedy back in 1988. If she agrees to a deposition now, Daphne must confess her family’s dark secrets. But she also might have one last chance to unmask the killer from back then . . . and now.

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