Gone But Not Forgotten by C. Michele Dorsey

Gone But Not Forgotten by C. Michele Dorsey
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 966 KB

An elderly mother with dementia – and dark secrets.
A daughter who’s desperate to know the truth – no matter what.
Get hooked by this thrilling, slow-burn novel of domestic suspense from critically acclaimed mystery author C Michele Dorsey.

Ever since Olivia and her mother fled their home, back when she was just a child, Olivia’s lived with her mother’s secrets and mantras. Don’t stand out. Don’t make friends. And most important of all: Don’t ask questions.

Olivia is now a twenty-nine-year-old law student. She lives in Boston in a beautiful home with the perfect husband. It’s a good life. But she’s always longed to know more about her family history, and now her beloved mother has dementia, she knows she probably never will.

That is, until her mother signs a check in a different name, the day before she dies, leaving Olivia an unexpected clue to her past – a clue that will lead her down a dark and deadly path.

Because someone doesn’t want Olivia to know her real identity. Her husband, her mother’s caregivers, even her best friend – can she trust they’re who they say they are? The truth about Olivia’s past may set her free – but only if she doesn’t die first . . .

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