Gothic Fog by Ely North

Gothic Fog by Ely North (DCI Finnegan Yorkshire #6)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

As fog descends… evil rises!
When a dense veil of fog shrouds the cobbled streets of Whitby, the stage is set not just for carnival revelry but for concealed menace. As the town is swept up in the eerie charm of the Whitby Goth Festival, a sinister Victorian circus raises the stakes, weaving a spellbinding atmosphere amidst the festivities. Yet beneath the din of celebration, the drone of the Wurlitzer whispers of darker deeds.
While DCI Frank Finnegan finds a moment’s peace in the joy of a family reunion, a disquieting series of events unfolds: a peeping Tom casts a shadow as a silent predator of the night, and somewhere in the thickening fog, a young girl vanishes without a trace.

Bound by time’s unyielding march, Finnegan must navigate this dual enigma, his resolve tested as he confronts the cryptic dance of his own haunted past. Aided by the mercurial DI Kumar and the steadfast DS Stoker, this formidable trio is thrust into a labyrinth of urgency and dread.
Join forces with DCI Finnegan in ‘Gothic Fog,’ the engrossing sixth instalment in the DCI Finnegan series, and plunge into a world where every secret unveiled could be the key to salvation… or the final step towards peril.
Can they catch a shadow before innocence is forever lost?

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