Grave Memories by Stacy Claflin

Grave Memories by Stacy Claflin (Brannon House #5)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

The Brannon House stands as a deceptive facade, its past horrors refusing to dissipate into the shadows.

Ember Brannon is inexplicably drawn to an old gravestone bearing her own name, its forgotten presence casting an unsettling pall over her family’s ancestral home. As she becomes fixated on the stone and the long-forgotten life it represents, Ember’s reality begins to unravel. Vivid dreams transport her to a time shrouded in mystery, the tragic demise of her namesake becomes an obsession she won’t release.

Obsessions have their price. Ember awakens with muddy feet, evidence of nocturnal wanderings she can’t remember. The discovery of a hidden diary, chronicling the life of the other Ember, triggers a relentless spiral into fascination and compulsion. Her loved ones try to stop her, but she pushes everyone away.
Within the opulent halls of the Brannon House, Ember hurtles toward an impending breaking point. Is she fated to echo the tragedies that haunt her lineage, becoming another ghost within the estate’s dark history? Or will she find the strength to confront the enigma she’s become, and the danger that now stalks her every move?

In this psychological thriller, the legacy of the Brannon House tightens its grip, pushing Ember to the brink of sanity. As her world teeters on the edge of collapse, she must navigate the thin line between legacy and lunacy.

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