Harm’s Way by John Gilstrap

Harm’s Way by John Gilstrap (Jonathan Grave #15)
English | 2023 | Thriller & Suspense | 2.4 MB

Unstoppable Jonathan Graves uncovers a major threat to American security in the latest action-packed adventure in the long-running, bestselling black-ops series.

Twelve missionaries have been snatched in a remote area of Venezuela and are being held for ransom. The high-priority rescue mission comes as a personal plea from FBI director Irene Rivers. It also carries a Presidential demand: no international incident. Just get in and get out—with hostages who are far from cooperative, but nonetheless precious cargo.
America’s enemies hope to leverage the kidnapping into a major crisis. Fighting his way to the hostages is Jonathan’s first battle. The second is to deliver them, alive and well, to the extraction site – and let no one stand in his way.

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