He Is Here by Jack Stainton

He Is Here by Jack Stainton
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

A Reunion Haunted By The Past

As the former pupils face an unnerving reunion, each must grapple with the need to conceal an ominous secret.

Amongst the shadows of an eerie château on a secluded island in France, a small group of former pupils reunite under the most peculiar of circumstances. Ridgeview Grammar School, a place they thought they had left far behind, resurfaces in their lives when an unexpected invitation arrives. Their ex-history teacher, a figure they’ve not glimpsed in over fifteen years, beckons them to restore a decaying house in return for hard cash.

Desperation gnaws, as each of them struggles with their own financial burden. The invitation, however unsettling, offers a lifeline they cannot afford to refuse.
As they gather on the island, the tasks at hand seem simple enough, but a chill hangs heavy in the air, and inexplicable events unravel to test their already fragile unity.

And unbeknown to one another, they all harbour a dark secret tied to a boy from their past, a spectre long gone from their days at Ridgeview Grammar. But can it truly be him waiting to expose their deepest fears and unravel their sanity?

In this heart-pounding psychological thriller, dark secrets resurface and the line between reality and nightmare blurs. As they navigate the château’s haunting corridors, they must confront their own demons, unless the past consumes them first.

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