Heaven and Earth by Jonathan Yanez

Heaven and Earth by Jonathan Yanez (Galactic Guardians #7)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Max Tyco, Blood Wolf, weilder of red sardonium and now Herald to the Legions of Anak. Legends of him are being told throughout the system. His exploits are myth. Whispers of teleportation only spread his undesired fame. In reality, Max wants nothing more than to deal with his complicated love life.

Events will soon unfold that call him back to the planet from which he hailed. The sait have been busy. While all eyes were turned to the portal and what evil beyond, enemies have made their move inflitrating Earth itself.
If this wasn’t enough an open seat has unveiled itself at the head of the Rowki High Council. If the wrong person gets the job it could spell dire consequences for Max and his entire team.

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