Her Last Lie by Tikiri Herath

Her Last Lie by Tikiri Herath (Tanya Stone FBI K9 Mystery Thrillers #3)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Tick Tock. The clock is ticking. In the shadows, a killer is lurking.…
A naked female corpse smashes against the rough ocean waves, fifty yards from the rocky shore.
FBI Special Agent Tanya Stone jumps in to retrieve it before the tide pulls it away. But an eerie dread ripples through her as she approaches the floating body.

The victim’s head is missing….
A sinister cloud looms over this upscale seaside town.

A twisted secret of deadly rituals is about to explode into the open, upending the perfect lives of the wealthy locals. And a serial killer with a chilling track record is hiding in plain sight, waiting for their next kill.
Tanya races against the clock, exposing lies and double identities, as she tries to catch the killer before they strike again.
But will Tanya become the killer’s next prey?

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