Hope by Jake Phillips

Hope: A World Divided by Jake Phillips
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

In a distant land, four distinct races lived in separate parts of the world, unaware of each other’s existence. The first of the races were the Elvians, a proud and noble race who lived deep in the forest, surrounded by ancient magic. They were the guardians of the mystical Tree of Life.
The second of the races were the Mountaineers, a hardworking and stubborn group who lived within the mountains, surrounded by rich veins of ore. They were the masters of metalworking and engineering, and their underground cities were marvels of technology.
The third were the Aquanauts, a graceful and mysterious race who lived by the ocean, surrounded by the secrets of the deep. They were the protectors of the Coral Kingdom, a vast underwater metropolis built from living coral.
The fourth race was the Wyvinites, a fierce and powerful race who lived in the skies, surrounded by the fire of their breath. They were the guardians of the volcanic abyss.

As the years passed, each race lived in peace and prosperity, protected by the unique resources that their land provided. But one day, a great upheaval shook the world, and each race was forced to venture out of their secluded homes in search of a new home.
As the Elvians, Mountaineers, Aquanauts, and Wyvinites journeyed forth, they began to cross paths with each other, and they soon realised that they were not alone in the world. Some of the races saw this as an opportunity to conquer and steal from the others, while others saw it as a chance to help and cooperate.

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