Hunt for Grace by Anya Mora

Hunt for Grace by Anya Mora (Willow Grace #3)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 500 KB

An abduction within the quiet depths of the forest leaves local law enforcement stumped. With the echo of a hauntingly familiar case ringing in his ears, seasoned Detective Smith of the Seattle PD seeks the expertise of the FBI’s sharp-eyed Agent Paxton Holt to untangle this cryptic web.

Their singular hope for illumination lies with an unexpected ally: Willow Grace. This college professor, renowned for her deep understanding of cult psychology, is still piecing together her life after a tumultuous involvement with the Bureau. When Holt brings the chilling case to her doorstep, she feels an inexorable pull towards the eye of the storm, a dangerous collision with the specters of her past.

As the tally of vanished girls’ mounts, Willow’s resolve hardens. She must confront her darkest fears to unmask those behind the disappearances. But her adversaries – a menacing cult that knows no bounds – turn their malevolent gaze upon Willow herself. Her pursuit of truth steers her on a collision course with the perils she once fled.
With the hunter becoming the hunted, Willow and Holt find themselves in a deadly race against time, striving to rescue the missing girls before their chances dwindle to zero.

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