Hunt for the Lifespark by Michael Anderle, Bradford Bates

Hunt for the Lifespark by Michael Anderle, Bradford Bates
English | 2023 | Science Fiction

In a relentless pursuit of galactic conquest, humanity’s ambitions knew no bounds.

The race to Mars had ended generations ago, pushing those seeking fame to venture beyond known borders. Major corporations battled to be first in securing resources and the future, vying for ownership of a new galaxy, akin to historical westward settlers.
A single blinking red light signaled a seismic shift—a colossal deposit of zosmodious ore that eclipsed all others.
The catch? It lay on an uncharted planet, Code Name Viridian. Could this audacious find reshape the course of humanity, transcending even human boundaries?

Hunter Allen is a ruthless tycoon determined to escape his father’s shadow by any means necessary. His handpicked team, poached from rivals, and dedicated resources all converged on one mission: zosmodious. But would he be the first to claim the future, as promised by Exploratory Dynamics’ newest discovery?

Helen Daylex is Hunter’s top operative, eager to prove her mettle, while Nomi Orcano, an overlooked underdog, defied societal constraints with resilience and resourcefulness. And then there was Vincent Daylex, a former combat specialist now making a difference beyond the elite ranks.

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