I Will Follow You by Bryan Blears

I Will Follow You by Bryan Blears
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 736 KB

When a young woman falls to her death from a luxury London apartment, Poppy Taylor’s world is turned upside down.
Because the prime suspect isn’t just anyone: it’s ex-boyfriend Elliot Gardner, the charming millionaire and social-media influencer who introduced her to a life of holiday villas, designer handbags, and first-class plane tickets.

But Poppy knows all about the real Elliot. The gas-lighting. The abuse. And she knows that he’ll do anything to walk free.

To stop him, she’ll have to confront her past – and the memories she’s been running from – to relive it all; from first falling for Elliot’s charming advances, to discovering his darker side, and the breakdown of a relationship which left her reputation and her life in pieces.

After all, men like Elliot always get away with it. Don’t they?

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