If I Can’t Have You by G.M. Lawrence

If I Can’t Have You by G.M. Lawrence
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Freya’s husband made her one simple promise – I will find you.
Freya has recently escaped from her violent and abusive husband, Liam, and has moved to the city where she is fighting to build a new life for herself.
But she knows in her heart that Liam won’t give up so easily, that he’ll do everything in his power to find her and bring her back.

Determined to stay hidden, Freya keeps a very low profile. But then she notices a young woman, Ava, who seems to be caught up in an abusive relationship. Knowing only too well the kind of anguish Ava may be enduring, Freya decides to get involved and save Ava from her partner, Elliot.

But when Freya calls the police, she inadvertently reveals her whereabouts to Liam who soon comes to see her. He seems a different man, contrite, tender, full of apologies. But is it all an act?
And Freya has other problems – Elliot isn’t pleased that she interfered in his relationship and is becoming ever more menacing.
Caught between these two terrifying men, can Freya confront her past and hold onto the future she’s fought so hard to create?

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