If They Knew by Arti Manani

If They Knew by Arti Manani
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 718 KB

Some secrets are better kept.
Ella-Rose is convinced she’s being watched when anonymous letters and gifts are delivered to her home.

With a secret past stopping her from seeking help from the authorities, Ella takes matters into her own hands.
As paranoia tightens its grip, Ella’s desperate search for answers leads her down a twisted path of suspicion and deceit that forces her to accuse everyone she knows. But as the web of deception unravels, she makes a shocking revelation that threatens to unearth a family secret she’s guarded for over a decade.

Somebody knows.

In a world where trust is a luxury and deception is the norm, IF THEY KNEW explores the depths of betrayal and the question of how well we truly know those we hold dear.
Brace yourself for a journey that will leave you questioning the very foundations of trust and the sinister secrets that lie within the shadows.

They say it’s always someone you know.
But how much do you ever really know anyone?

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