Inside These Walls by Iris Baxter

Inside These Walls by Iris Baxter
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Have you ever had the feeling of being watched when you’re alone?
Andrea has just moved in to her new apartment after ending a long relationship. She is drawn to the affordable rent and the landlord, Lee, who appears helpful and understanding to someone facing financial difficulties.

Unbeknownst to Andrea, there’s a darker side to Lee. Obsessed with his tenants, he secretly spies on her through a hidden mirror in the bathroom. At night, he sneaks into her apartment and drugs her. Attributing the constant exhaustion to stress, she remains oblivious… until the signs become too glaring to ignore. Andrea grows increasingly suspicious of the apartment and its landlord.
By the time she receives a message warning her to leave, it’s already too late, because Lee has grown too attached to her, and he has no intention of letting her escape.

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