Killer Dreams by Vincent Donovan

Killer Dreams by Vincent Donovan
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 495 KB

Are the voices in Cassie’s head real or just added mayhem?
Cassie MacLean has been under siege since that cold January night when her mother, Rose Owens plowed into a group of pedestrians killing five and critically-injuring many others. The town’s pent-up fury explodes when Rose begins to emerge from a coma ten years later.

Cassie feels conflicted about the awakening—as well as her father, who is enjoying a successful second act with another woman.
But after a brush with cutting-edge technology, Cassie believes her mother is innocent and embarks on a quest to prove it. While she risks alienating many and having her sanity questioned in the process, what’s not in doubt is a vengeful world where the truth depends on who you ask.

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