Knock Out by Alan Lee

Knock Out by Alan Lee (The Girl Who Would Be Sheriff #2)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

The year is 2007. The iPhone is introduced, No Country For Old Men dominates the Oscars, and America learns the name Rihanna.
Andie Stackhouse has been promoted to sergeant and given a squad of rookies to lead. She’s inexperienced and they’re hot-headed, a volcanic combination.

Late on a hot August night, one of her officers stops responding to his radio. Fearing the worst, Stackhouse drives to his last known location, and what she uncovers wakes up the entire police department. A cop killer is loose, and the culprit appears to be one of their own. Soon Stackhouse is embroiled in conspiracy and a homicide investigation that threatens her career. Her squad of patrol officers aren’t what they seem, and heads need to roll, to salvage the reputations of her superiors.
If Stackhouse wants to survive, she’ll need to outlast the corruption in her department and take down the killer, who has a knack for executing police officers…

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