Last Sinner by Mary Stone

Last Sinner by Mary Stone (Emma Last FBI Mystery Series #6)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Hate the sin. Kill the sinner.
Special Agent Emma Last knows that Leo Ambrose is watching her closely. Her fellow agent suspects she’s different, that something strange is happening to her. She can feel his questions in the air between them. She’s not ready to answer them, though, and is happy when a new case diverts his attention.
It’s a bad day when blood and death is easier to discuss than the truth.

A bar owner and a bartender, embroiled in a secret affair, are found shot execution style shortly after closing time. Security footage reveals the perp forcing his victims to their knees before taking their lives. With only a Bible verse left behind, the religious undertone is unmistakable.
Another zealot making an entire faith look bad.

The message is impersonal, self-righteous…and indicates the killer isn’t done. Now Emma and the rest of the team must find him before he leaves his next blood-spattered clue.
When the gunman’s signature is found at a nearby mosque, Emma thinks he’s marked his next location. Her hunch proves wrong, though, and he had a different location in mind, executing two more victims.
With a body count of four in just a day, the urgency escalates.
As this killer becomes more unhinged, nothing can prepare Emma for who and where he strikes next.

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