Last Vendetta by Mary Stone

Last Vendetta by Mary Stone (Emma Last FBI Mystery #2)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 478 KB

The wages of sin is death.

It sounds like a scene from a horror movie. But the carnage left by a literal axe murderer in the small town of Little Clementine is far too real.

Two families gruesomely slaughtered, two days apart, the only survivor a two-year-old girl.
The tight-knit community in the Allegheny Mountains is known for its religious fanaticism and aversion to the government. But without a police force, the sheriff has no choice but to begrudgingly accept the assistance of FBI’s Washington, D.C. Violent Crimes Unit to solve the grisly case.

The brutality of the murders suggests the killer is one of the town’s own—and these slayings were as personal as they were violent. But the residents of Little Clementine only take their problems to the Lord or their pastor, and neither are talking.

With no fingerprints, evidence, DNA, or leads, Special Agent Emma Last almost wishes for the appearance of the ghosts she can suddenly see to provide a clue. Because the murderer is the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing, and the whole flock is in danger.

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