Lazy City by Rachel Connolly

Lazy City by Rachel Connolly
English | 2023 | General Fiction

An electrifying debut set in Northern Ireland exploring dysfunctional relationships, love and heartbreak as a young woman grieves the loss of her best friend

Following the death of her best friend, Erin has to get out of London. Returning home to Belfast, an au pair job provides a partial refuge from her grief and her volatile relationship with her mother. Erin spends late nights at the bar where her childhood friend Declan works. There Erin meets an American academic who is also looking to get lost. Parallel to this she reconnects with an old flame, Mikey. This brings its own web of complications.

With a startlingly fresh and original voice – jarringly funny, cranky, often hungover – Lazy City depicts the strange, meandering aftermath that follows disaster.

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