Lies Never Die by Mark Hurst

Lies Never Die by Mark Hurst (The Lies Series #2)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Dame Samantha Walsh, now a world icon, a person of respect, wealth and charity, flawless and untouchable in equal measure, continues to grow her empire on her terms. Her enormous wealth and reach bring about power and control never before contemplated, opening up new interests and outcomes for her, both inside and outside legal and moral boundaries.

Blade, recently released from prison, needing to re-integrate with society, has his path to follow to find the truth. He needs work, he needs income, and what better way to fund finding the truth than by taking paid work doing what he is good at, what he was trained to do?
The race is on to find out the truth of what happened to their loved ones. Who will find out first, who will win?

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