Lucky Number Seven by Alex Smith

Lucky Number Seven by Alex Smith (DCI Kett #13)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 562 KB

Sometimes You Win. Sometimes You Die.

When seven packages are delivered to the staff of an insurance company in Norwich, the unthinkable happens: one of the packages explodes.

Six people survive, the seventh does not.
As the fire rages and the city reels, DCI Kett and the Extreme Crime Task Force are brought in to try to figure out why anybody would murder an innocent woman in such a violent manner.
But the killer has only just started. Seven more people are targeted, seemingly at random, and it soon becomes clear that somebody is playing a deadly game of chance—if you lose, you lose everything.

The hunt is on for one of the most sadistic criminals the team has ever faced.
Sometimes you beat the odds. Sometimes you don’t.
And Kett knows that sooner or later, everybody’s luck runs out…

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