Magic of Flame and Shadow by Kim Richardson

Magic of Flame and Shadow by Kim Richardson
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Twenty years ago, I escaped my hometown of Moonfell, a paranormal hotspot in the suburbs of New York, hidden from human eyes.

A place I swore I’d never return.
But the gruesome murder of a teen werewolf has brought me back. And I’m here to solve it.
As I delve deeper into the case, I realize this is no ordinary killing. Someone or something is targeting the supernatural community.

Struggling to control my powers, I find myself entangled in the drama of my neighbors—from a group of mysterious witches to the sexy and dangerously seductive Blake as well as a seemingly ordinary feline that turns out to be something entirely unexpected.
I must navigate the dangerous waters of Moonfell while keeping my own secrets hidden.
See, I’m not your average witch. Hell, I’m not like any witch. My magic is different. It’s wild and unpredictable. And one day, it’s going to get me killed.
But as the stakes get higher and the bodies pile up, I realize this is more than just a murder investigation. This is a battle for survival.

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