Midnight Mass by Matt James

Midnight Mass by Matt James
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 512 KB

Alex Wake is set to retire from the CIA in the coming weeks. The operative is also set to marry the love of his life and move to Italy to run a private security firm.

Stefania Ricci is an expert in High Renaissance art. Late one night, she witnesses a brutal murder after a deal involving a one-of-a-kind Leonardo da Vinci painting falls through. She calls her husband-to-be from Venice, frantically crying and screaming for help.

Alex arrives the next morning, but it’s too late. Stefania has already been captured. The only way to save her life is for Alex to steal the priceless da Vinci art piece and deliver it to her abductors before the stroke of midnight.
If he fails, she dies.

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