Mineral King by Russ Linton

Mineral King by Russ Linton (Fort Black Thriller #3)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Kade’s search for justice meets the storm of the century. Snowed in at a campground in the isolated community of Three Rivers, he’s no longer a wanted man just another trapped tourist. He does his best to help. Tries to fit in. Even finds a welcome place to rest his head.

But he’s not the only stranger in town. Along the dangerous road known as Mineral King lies a fortress-like hacienda. A recent purchase by a man tied inextricably to Kade’s past. A ruthless cartel warlord who’s got a plan to take over the unincorporated town and turn it into his personal fiefdom.

Stopping him could very well be the thing that ends the FBI career Kade’s fought so hard to restore. And his life.

In the mountains, another storm is brewing. A fight to see who will be named King. But they’ll have to go through Kade first.

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