Murder in the Hot Air Balloon by Izzie Harper

Murder in the Hot Air Balloon by Izzie Harper (The Wootton Windmill Mysteries #4)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

A missing body. A ruined wedding anniversary. Three women sleuths.
It’s winter in Lower Wootton and the neighbourhood foxes are disturbing Ellie Blix’s sleep. So, when she’s woken at sunrise by the excited shrieks of three people in a hot air balloon, she shoves in her ear plugs.
But she’s woken again, this time by her daughter. When Zoe says the couple in the balloon were having a row, Ellie realises something is wrong. What happened to the third person?

In the morning, a local chef is missing and his wife is asking if anyone has seen him. She tells Ellie he hasn’t returned from celebrating his brother’s wedding anniversary … in a hot air balloon.
When police inquiries fail to find the missing man, Blix Investigators must find out: did he go on the balloon trip or not? And is he dead or alive?
The trouble is – someone will do anything to stop them from getting to the truth.

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