My Daughter’s Killer by Jacqueline Grima

My Daughter’s Killer by Jacqueline Grima
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 1.5 MB

Don’t miss this gripping thriller from the author of The Weekend Alone – with a twist that will take your breath away!

A mother in mourning
Two years ago, Sarah’s husband was jailed for her murder; her body was never found. Now, her grieving mother, Claire, spends her sleepless nights running a helpline for vulnerable women.

A woman with a secret
Claire takes many calls, but one caller isn’t like the rest. She isn’t calling for help – she’s calling because she claims to know what happened to Sarah.

A killer on the loose
But when Claire hears the terrifying news that her daughter’s killer has escaped from prison, she realises her nightmare is far from over – and her family are in danger yet again.

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