Nemesis by Jeremy Robinson

Nemesis by Jeremy Robinson
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

From the ashes of a devastated Boston, a harrowing legend emerges. Thirteen years prior, the colossal kaiju, Nemesis, ravaged the city in her relentless pursuit of retribution. Today, mankind’s survival teeters on the sacrificial offerings atop a chilling monolith known as The Altar, where the condemned pay the ultimate price to prevent Nemesis’s wrath from consuming humanity.

Agent Graham, a grizzled operative on the brink of retirement, finds himself tethered to the fiery, untested Agent Tilly. Together, they are the unlikeliest of partners within the Nemesis Special Operations group, the government’s first line of defense against the looming shadow of the massive Goddess of Vengeance. Their mission? To hunt down the enigmatic cult, Divine Retribution, before they can harness the devastating power of Nemesis to reshape the world to their warped sense of righteousness.

As Graham and Tilly plunge into Boston’s darkest underbelly, they face more than just the echoes of their city’s past. They must outwit cunning cultists, battle impossible monsters on the windswept beaches of Martha’s Vineyard, and forge an unexpected alliance with the motley and formidable all-female biker gang inspired by the Queen of Monsters, the ‘Nemesisters.’ Every step drives them closer to the unthinkable, and asks the questions:

How many must be sacrificed to save the world from the ever-watchful gaze of Nemesis?

How much more will she demand when the world needs to be saved?

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