Nexus Empire by Dominique Mondesir, C.W Tickner

Nexus Empire by Dominique Mondesir, C.W Tickner (Star Nexus #1)
English | 2023 | Science Fiction | 307 KB

A lost ship found.
The descendant of a galactic emperor.
A thousand year war!
Jason knew aliens existed. He just couldn’t prove it.

Working his way through the military, he heard the stories—the whispers from the black ops teams—the unconfirmed sightings.
Yet he couldn’t find anything tangible. He needed solid proof.
Working as security for Area51 gave him what he needed. Proof of aliens. Finding the ship was only the first part.

Now, he has found himself involved in a thousand year war between two sides who want the only thing that can get him back to Earth.
His AI controlled ship.
Can he survive a galactic war, space pirates, smugglers and bounty hunters, in this sprawling epic like none other.

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