One Deadly Night by Jack Cartwright

One Deadly Night by Jack Cartwright (The Wild Fens Murder Mystery Series #10)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 463 KB

We close our eyes to the truth…some stay closed forever…

When an antiques dealer takes a short cut through a nature reserve in Horncastle, nobody will see Michael Levy alive again. The missing person report sparks a wave of action that lands on DI Freya Bloom’s desk at the worst possible time.

Her team is being torn apart from above, her new boss is looking a way to fire her, and the man she adores has found love elsewhere. In short, the new life she has built in Lincolnshire is coming to an end.
But as her team unravels a series of suspicious events, the missing persons case is escalated to murder – a body has been found…only it’s not Michael Levy’s.

Who does the body belong to? Where is Michael Levy? And is this the break that Freya needs to regain control of her life?

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