Outside The Shadows by David Costa

Outside The Shadows by David Costa
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

A secret agent who operates without the permission of his organisation or
Government is said to be working Outside the Shadows. David Reece the S69 MI6
Black OPs officer finds himself in that predicament when his old agent and lover
Mary McAuley has been kidnapped by dissident Irish republican terrorists who
intend to torture and kill her.

Reece is told by his bosses that if he tries to find her
using his killing skills, he could jeopardise the Northern Ireland Peace Process.

Reece has no option; he must disobey if he is to save the woman he loves. Finding a
mixture of ocerators from his MI6 SAS, and Mossad contacts they race against
time, a vicious terrorist organisation, and the historical politics of Ireland putting
everything at risk to succeed.

“The enemy hide in plain sight. To stop them, we kill them!”

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